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Company history

Looking to the best company that can meet any demand of customers

HANSUNG CO., LTD. was established in 1989 and is working hard to become the best company that develops various products by business diversification and that can meet any demand of customers by improving the process on the basis of the production of products of products such as sleeve bearing and marine engine bearing.

Established Period
1989 ~ 2002

1989. 03
Establishment of HANSUNG MACHINERY
1991. 02
Registered as a cooperation
Winning prizes for 8 times as the Excellent Cooperation
1999. 10
Establishment of the corporation
1999. 11
Acquistion of the ISO 9001 certification
2001. 01
Registered as a cooperation company of Doosan Engine Co., Ltd.
2001. 06
Approval of Engine Bearing
2002. 01
Registered as a cooperation
company of Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction Co., Ltd.

Growing Period
2002 ~ 2007

2002. 10
Acquisition of the ISO 14001 certification
2004. 04
Approval of MAN DIESEL Engine Bearing
2004. 08
Expansion and moving of Andong factory
2005. 01
Winning the Excellent Quality Prizes of
Doosan Engine Co., Ltd. for 4 times
2005. 11
Export of Diesel United Engine(DU)
2006. 11
Accomplishment of the Tower of Export of 5 Million Dollars
2007. 01
Registered as a Medium and Small Sized
Company of the Type of Technology Innovation (INNO-BIZ)

Jumping Period
2007 ~ 2012

2007. 03
Registered as a venture company
2007. 04
Expansion and Moving of Hallim factory
2007. 11
Export of Hitachi Zosen Corporation
2008. 07
Export of Qingdao QiyaoMHI Linshan Marine Diesel (QMD)
2008. 08
Registered as a cooperation
company of Hyosung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
2012. 06
Expansion of 2nd Hallim factory
2012. 08
Expansion of 2nd Andong factory