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Company vision

HANSUNG CO,, LTD'S management ideology that centers on humans on the basis of talents and technology

Viewpoints of customers
We will implement an infinite impression of customers with a constant improvement, a real-name quality system and a thorough management of records by deviating from the concentration on makers and by establishing a quality standard that is higher than the expectation of customers on the basis of the quality and value that are seen in the viewpoint of customers.
Systemized activity
We obtained and are keeping the iso14001 certification with a systematic management system. In addition we are making efforts to establish a systematic plan for the management of the three factors such as manpower, system and quality and to become a company that customers can trust.
Human resources
We have a community consciousness on which all the staff do not yield to any impasse and finish the purpose actively by making progressive efforts with critical minds and make efforts to develop themselves constantly and encourage and cooperate with colleagues.