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Factory Infomation

We introduce the place of business of HANSUNG CO., LTD that grows into the world.
HANSUNG CO., LTD has two factories, one is the Hallim factory and another is the Anddong Factory Each place of business is making efforts to produce unilateral bearing products and come near to customers with the nest quality and the nest service.

Business Sector
Business Outline
The safety of the quality of our products are verified through passing the strict quality standard of Wärtsilä and MAN Diesel and we have the best production condition that can meet the demands of customers whenever by a constant securing of the high-tech processing machines and places of business

The excellency of the excellent quality that is realized by nurturing outstanding manpower and a constant investment in facilities is acknowledged and we are providing our products to the leading companies of foreign countries such as Japan and China.
In addition, we will stretch ourselves as a member of the leading group of the market by reducing the cost with a constant uplift of productivity in order to deal with the market.