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Marine Engine Bearing

It is the core part of a ship diesel engine, which is the main product of HANSUNG CO., LTD. and it is a part that demands a multiple precision that helps smooth driving of the engine by being assembled at the principal region of crankshaft and crosshead. The white metal that surrounds the important region of the bearing that is made by our company is a kind of tin alloy and is excellent in the aspects of non-consumption, ingression, stickability, fatigue resistance, solidity and heat conductivity Our company will grow as the best producer of bearings in Korea by maintaining and enhancing the best quality by a differentiated production management and nurturing manpower.

Main Bearing Shell
Back Metal : JIS SF440
White metal : HM07

Guide Shoe
Back Metal : JIS SC480
White metal : HM07

Crosshead bearing cap
S50MC-C, S60MC-C, S70MC-C
Back Metal : JIS FCD400
White metal : HM07

Back Metal : JIS FC250
White metal : HM07

Guide strip
Back Metal : JIS SS400
White metal : HM07

Back Metal : JIS SC410
White metal : HM07

Oil distributor ring
ODL455, ODS 375, 425, 450, 510
Back Metal : S355J2G3
White metal : HM07

Flange bearing
S50MC, 60MC, 70MC
Back Metal : SS400
White metal : HM07