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We are producing diverse products such as large-sized and wind power generators, high pressure motors, medium-sized motors. shafts for electric cars and so on, and we will do our best to actively deal with customer satisfaction through enhancement of quality and reduction of process by sufficiently securing automatic equipments from large-sized one to small-sized ones in order to rapidly cope with diverse customer specifications.

Generator shaft
Generator shaft
(Φ210 ~ 570)x(L1,800 ~ 6,000)

Spider shaft

Turbine generator shaft

Wind turbine shaft

Turbine generator shaft
High-Voltage shaft(Φ120~360)x(L1,200~2,700)

Rotor Ass'y shaft

Electric vehicle shaft

Medium motor shaft
Midium shaft (Φ80 ~ 120)x(L300 ~ 1,700)