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Business Information

We introduce the products list and capability of HANSUNG CO., LTD

It is the result of the part materials produced with the technology that our company had developed. We came to secure a superior quality and competitiveness on the basis of an excellent technology.

Production Capability
Production Capability
  • Generator / Motor Bearing & Shaft
  • Siemens / Renk Type Bearing 3,600 sets
  • Large Size Generator Motor Shaft 4,000 ea
  • Medium Size Motor Shaft 12,000 ea
  • Marine Engine Bearing Main Bearing
  • Shell 1,000 sets (L/S 70MC)
  • Guide Shoe 1,000 sets (K98MC-C)
  • Segment 2,000 ea (L/S 70MC )
  • Turbine & Generator Bearing
  • Turbine Bearing 30 sets (T1~T8)
  • Generator Bearing 20 sets
  • GE Bearing (7FH2,324) 80 sets (Φ 460 Standard )