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We introduce the college and technology development research institute that are associated with HANSUNG CO., LTD. for the industrial-academic cooperation.

The industrial-academic cooperation of our company and the research and development research institute become the base that made us able to secure a superior quality and competitiveness by developing excellent technologies.

1. The working expenses for research and development
300 million won (100 million won per year)
2.Period of research and development
2008 ~ 2010 (For three years)
3.The achievement of research and development at present
Development of test equipment that interprets dynamic characteristics of bearings
Manufacture of test equipments and completion of assembly of measuring sensors
Completion of development of the program that interprets dynamic characteristics
The first test for verification of the interpretation program is scheduled
4.The tasks of research and development from now on
Verification of the program that interprets the dynamic characteristics of bearings
Interpretation of the structure of bearings
Interpretation of fluid lubrication (Cylindrical Type, Robe Type)
Interpretation of shafting with built-in journal bearing (Shaft vibration, interpretation of critical speed and so on)
5.Research facilities